Salem Sound Coast Watch

In June 2020, as part of Compass Point’s volunteer initiative, Paul Matheson spent the day helping plant seagrass with a group of volunteers for Salem Sound Coast Watch. The 15,000 pods Paul helped plant in Salem’s Collins Cove will protect the coast line against erosions, increase the local flora and fauna, enhance the landscape and be a living experiment. The goal of the volunteer initiative is to allow Compass Point employees to contribute to their communities, by offering a set amount of paid time off for community volunteerism. Paul participating in a project on the coast line seemed a great match, given the love of the ocean felt by many in the Compass Point family.

According to Paul, “It was an interesting project, and really hard work, but fulfilling to see it to completion. I don’t live far from here so I will come and see how it progresses. It was a great chance to participate in a community project and to be part of an organization that doesn’t just talk about being a part of the community, but one that really takes action.”