The Year of Focus on Family

Dear Compass Point Family and Friends,

We hope you had a great holiday with your loved ones, and we wish you all a happy and healthy New Year. 

2020 was certainly a very challenging year for us all.  Hopefully much better times are ahead as we turn the calendar to 2021.

Speaking of 2021, Compass Point Retirement Planning will dedicate 2021 as “The Year of Focus on Family”.  As such, among other things we will focus not only on you but also the needs of your families.  Through our many conversations over the years, we have learned wonderful things about those you care about and we wish to assist them in any way can.

At Compass Point we feel it is not enough to simply act in your best interest and provide you with the highest standard of care.  We strive to provide greater value to you than the guidelines our industry deems necessary.  By continuing to learn and discuss the possible needs of your family, the better prepared we will be to help at the time you need us the most.

Be sure to check your inbox for these topics and more in 2021:

  • Beneficiaries:  Have your beneficiaries changed?  Do your accounts and life insurance policies reflect those changes?
  • Estate Planning:  Do you have the necessary estate planning documents in place and are they current?
  • Inheritance planning:  Are you having the necessary conversations with your beneficiaries?  Do they have the education they need?
  • Long-term Care:  How will you fund the need for extended nursing and in-home care as you age?  Do your loved ones know your plan?

Until then, please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you need anything.

Stay safe and healthy!

Your Team at Compass Point Retirement Planning