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We are Like Family
Here at Compass Point, we have your family in mind, for we too have spouses, children, parents, grandchildren, and pets. Like you, we have our personal family finances to plan for and to protect. When you come to Compass Point, it might help to know that your needs, hopes, worries and dreams will be understood. We believe in achieving full and significant lives, and it is our goal to help you do the same.
Michael J. LaBrie
Michael J. LaBrieManaging Director – Senior Advisor, Investment Advisor Representative
 Thomas F. Nee, Jr.
Thomas F. Nee, Jr.Managing Director – Director of Advisor Development, Investment Advisor Representative
Martin E. Plecinoga
Martin E. PlecinogaSenior Financial Advisor, Investment Advisor Representative
 Kate Glidden, CFP®
Kate Glidden, CFP®Senior Financial Advisor, Investment Advisor Representative
Rick P. LeBlanc
Rick P. LeBlancSenior Financial Advisor, Investment Advisor Representative
Lisa Marie Wise
Lisa Marie WiseDirector of Office Services, Registered Field Assistant
Matthew Dandreo
Matthew DandreoCompliance Manager, Registered Representative
Ny Sok
Ny SokRetirement Transition Specialist
Joan Welch
Joan WelchClient Financial Analyst
Linda Gorgone
Linda GorgoneReceptionist
Meni Frangias
Meni FrangiasClient Relations
 Kim Silverman
Kim SilvermanClient Services
Paul Matheson
Paul MathesonSenior Financial Advisor, Investment Advisor Representative
Susie LaBrie
Susie LaBrieClient Relations
Diane Gavin
Diane GavinReception