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Paul Matheson

Client Services

FAVORITE QUOTE: “What greater wealth is there than to own your life and to spend it on growing? Everything living must grow. It can’t stand still. It must grow or perish.” —Ayn Rand

DREAM RETIREMENT: I view retirement as my opportunity to spend less time on income producing activity and more on exploring new things. I plan to work in financial services, on a reduced basis, as long as it is engaging and I am useful. But I will devote more time to reading the classics, attempting to create art, involved in civic and fraternal activity, enjoying more food and drink, and hopefully walking the Cliffs of Moher.

Michael J. LaBrie
Michael J. LaBrieFounder, Owner and Advisor
 Thomas F. Nee, Jr.
Thomas F. Nee, Jr.Founder, Owner and Advisor
Martin E. Plecinoga
Martin E. PlecinogaOwner and Advisor
 Kate Glidden, CFP®
Kate Glidden, CFP®Registered Representative/Advisor
Richard “Rick” P. LeBlanc
Richard “Rick” P. LeBlancRegistered Representative/Advisor
Lisa Marie Wise
Lisa Marie WiseFinance & Operations Manager
Matthew Dandreo
Matthew DandreoBranch Manager
Ny Sok
Ny SokRetirement Transition Specialist
Joan Welch
Joan WelchPlanning Services
Linda Gorgone
Linda GorgoneReceptionist
Meni Frangias
Meni FrangiasClient Relations
 Kim Silverman
Kim SilvermanClient Services
Paul Matheson
Paul MathesonClient Services
CeCe Olack
CeCe OlackMarketing and Project Manager
Susie LaBrie
Susie LaBrieClient Relations
Diane Gavin
Diane GavinReception