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Retirement planning seminar

You’ve spent your whole life working, saving and investing for retirement, but do you know if your retirement savings will last? The first step is to “stop worrying and start planning.”

Coming soon you will be cordially invited to join local retirement planning specialists from Compass Point Retirement Planning in Wakefield, MA for a complimentary, no-obligation informational seminar covering retirement income strategies, including how to answer the critically important retirement question of “How much money can I safely spend each month without running out?”

At our upcoming friendly and informal seminars, you’ll learn how to prepare for a successful retirement, including:

  • When can I afford to retire?
  • Can my financial portfolio last throughout my retirement?
  • How do I create a retirement paycheck for the lifestyle I want?
  • Understanding your risk tolerance during market volatility
  • Your options with Social Security benefits
  • Tax breaks for retirees
  • Tips for living your best retirement

Space will be limited and there will be no charge to attend. Dates and more information coming soon!